Greater Blessings Program

Why The Greater Blessing Program is Needed

 Millions of elderly and disabled Americans own their own homes, yet lack the funds or physical ability to keep them in a state of minimum repair. Many of these homes could be restored to a livable condition with a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and a few days of labor. The Fuller Center can help. 

• 2 million U.S. homeowners live in a house with a hole in the roof 

• 3 million of those homes are missing bricks or siding 

• 2.5 million have a crumbling foundation 

• 4 million have broken windows 


About The Fuller Center’s Greater Blessing Program

 Through The Greater Blessing program, homeowners can apply to a Fuller Center Covenant Partner to have their homes restored to a simple, decent living condition. 

 The program seeks to aid homeowners with extremely limited income who cannot afford, for example, to replace a leaking roof, fix broken windows or repair hazardous kitchens or bathrooms. The Greater Blessing program is based on Jesus’ teaching that it is more blessed to give than to receive, allowing homeowners to experience the “greater blessing” of giving. 

How the Program Works

 • Homeowner submits an application to a local Covenant Partner 

• The Fuller Center provides a written job estimate and work agreement 

• A repayment plan based on the homeowner’s budget is developed 

• Volunteers repair the home 

• When the work is done, the homeowner is given a Greater Blessing box with enough envelopes in it to repay the cost of the materials over an agreed-upon period and on terms they can afford

• If unexpected bills or medical emergencies come up and a monthly payment cannot be made, the payment schedule is simply increased by one month 

• Homeowner payments are recycled to purchase materials to help another neighbor in need 

How to Get Involved

 The greatest need is for volunteers to help with construction and donors to fund the projects. Help give a family in need the lasting gift of health, security and happiness. 

Churches - Become a Faith Builder with The Fuller Center. Congregations of all sizes are invited to sponsor and lead projects, from simple wheelchair ramps to major rehabs. Church members are encouraged to help nurture partner families. 

Individuals - Visit www.FullerCenter. org to connect with a Fuller Center project in your area. The Fuller Center needs skilled people to serve as teachers and site leaders, but inexperienced volunteers are also welcome. 

Business owners - Become a Corporate Builder by sponsoring a Greater Blessing project and inviting your employees to volunteer with The Fuller Center.