Becoming a Partner Family

Partner Families are selected on the basis of (1) need, (2) willingness to partner and (3) ability to pay the mortgage on their new home or willingness to donate through the Greater Blessing Box. The development and documentation of its Selection Criteria should be among the first tasks undertaken by the covenant partner. 


Families in need are those whose present living conditions are substandard because of physical condition, overcrowding or safety, and who have no other access to obtaining decent shelter. This is not a first-time-buyers program, rather one designed to make decent shelter available to those who are truly in need. Families who have access to decent shelter through other means should be directed to those programs while the covenant partner focuses its energies on those who do not. By definition, then, The Fuller Center reaches out to poor and very poor families. 


The Fuller Center is not a give-away program, but a partnership between people of good will and resources and the poor. The success of the program will ultimately be measured by the success its partner families enjoy as homeowners, and that success begins with families who are willing to enthusiastically participate in the construction of their own home and those of others and to make regular payments on their mortgage. One of the attractions of the Fuller Center approach to donors and volunteers is the opportunity of working hand-in-hand with people they would otherwise not have the opportunity of knowing. Selecting families who are willing to participate in the program not only helps assure the family’s success but is of great help to the Covenant Partner in raising funds and motivating volunteers. Objective measures of the family’s willingness to partner includes: 

  • Prompt submission of the application form; 
  • Enthusiastic contribution of sweat equity hours; A 3 
  • Sincere effort to work with the Family Partnering Committee to resolve credit issues and develop a sound family financial plan. 


A foundational principle of The Fuller Center is that families pay for their new home or repairs/rehabilitation on terms they can afford. This approach serves both the partner family and the covenant partner. The family benefits in a number of ways: it develops a true sense of ownership and the pride that attends it; it develops financial discipline as it learns to budget for the payment; and it moves the family from being just a recipient to being a donor, as the mortgage payments or Greater Blessing Box donations are used to build houses for other families in need. The covenant partner benefits by having a steady source of income that it can use to expand its ministry. 

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