A Hope of a Brighter Future

Nathan's Story

For the past nine years, Nathan has single-handedly taken care of his disabled daughter, Lindsey, who has suffered with a seizure disorder since she was one year old. She relies heavily on Nathan for many of her day to day needs. Nathan, however, still manages to hold a full-time job as a construction worker and care for Lindsey and her medical requirements.

Due to recent adverse weather, which flooded part of his apartment, Nathan is now forced to live in a substandard dwelling, while paying rent that is over 50% of his income. Despite working a full-time job, money is tight for Nathan and his daughter Lindsey. Now add to that, the mounting cost of household and medical bills it doesn't leave much for life’s inevitable pitfalls. 

In desperation and unsure what to do to alleviate his situation. Nathan decided to turn to his fellow church members at the Christian Church in the Wildwood for help. Two of those members just happened to be founding members of the Fuller Center for Housing Nature Coast. After assessing their needs, ability to afford a 0% interest mortgage and their willingness to partner with FCHNC’s Homeownership Program, Nathan and Lindsey are set to become the first family to receive a FCHNC home once it is complete.

FCHNC is dedicated to addressing these situations by building affordable homes.  We make it possible for hardworking families to eliminate the high cost of renting and achieve the American  Dream of Homeownership. The new home owners now have at their disposal the wherewithal to purchase the necessities that most take for granted, thus breaking this never-ending cycle of poverty.

How You Can Help

 Our Building Homes Together campaign aims to raise $75,000 toward the building costs for Nathan and Lindsey's home.

Whether you can afford to give a little or a lot, 100% of your donation goes toward Nathan and Lindsey's home. Together we can build a brighter future for our community.